To understand and better determine why Prestige Smile are guaranteeing great results for all our teeth whitening products this page contains testimonials from satisfied and loyal clients who have definitely experienced positive results on their use of our exciting products. These testimonials reflect our client’s belief in our products and how thrilled they are to have achieved beautiful smiles through our products.

Tyson from Wannerro wrote:

“I have been uncomfortable with my smile and I’ve wanted to ‘whiten’ my teeth for ages. But it was so expensive at the dentist. Then I found Sonic White, a really simple process in the comfort of my own home, and it works a treat. I have fantastic white teeth for less than $80!”

Jane from Canning Vale wrote:

“My teeth were a shocking shade of grey at best. I’ve known I needed to do something but just couldn’t afford it. Friends of mine went to a clinic and it cost $350. But I heard about Sonic White and I thought, for $79, it’s worth a try. Now look, just four 10 minute treatments was all it took.”

Ben from Fremantle wrote:

“I wanted whiter teeth and a better smile, but I heard that it takes ages at the dentist and cost a fortune. I saw Sonic White and read that the process is 10 minutes – and you can do it at home. How easy is that? I’ve been whitening my teeth while watching TV, it’s amazing!”